Servo Voltage Stabilizer  



Servo Voltage Stabilizer is designed to provide stable voltage for operation of costly equipment on abnormal incoming mains and varying loads the system is controlled by micro processor to provide stable and continuous correction. There is low and high both type of correction provided. Its subtracted / added to keep the output voltage within set voltage without any introduction of waveform distortion.


This Unit is useful for telecommunication, TV, Video Recorder, RADAR navigational Devices, Computer, Micro Scope, Photo Processing equipment etc.



  • Fully controlled by microprocessor
  • Step less and continuous voltage correction
  • Very high efficiency
  • No waveform distortion
  • Fast voltage correction with low tolerance
  • Unaffected by frequency & load power factor
  • Fully automatic and manual operation facility for no break down
  • Extra By Pass Switch to reduce failure time
  • MCB for High current protection
  • Surge current protection
  • High and Low voltage protection inbuilt


  • Our SVS employees a motor drove variable transformer feeding to load so as to inject an adding or apposing correction voltage into the supply line.
  • Motor positioning is effected and controlled by the microcontroller circuit microcontroller energizes the motor to move the variable arm of auto transformer which adds/subtracts voltage without any distortion in output.
  • The units are so designed that these can be operated independently. These phases can now be loaded to different capacities and the units take care of the unbalanced in the supply or load. Three phases are connected in star mode with neutral brought out to the terminals.


  • The whole equipment is housed in steel sheet box and is provided lures by ensuring high cooling. The Variacs are air-cooled for smaller capacities and oil-cooled
  • above 50KV units.
  • All the control monitor and indicator merged in microcontroller PCB placed on front panel. Used components are of standard makes of reputed firm. There are three push buttons to control the unit.
  One LCD and three push buttons are provided on front panel to monitoring and controlling the unit. It displays input as well as out put voltage.  
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