AC Controller (ACC 2-4)

Air Conditioners are important to control the room temperature between that set levels for smooth operation of sensitive equipments. It is also necessary to protect air conditioner from over load, voltage fluctuations, & continuous operations. AC controller is designed for all these facilities and to optimize the operation of Air Conditioner, resulting in saving of electricity bills.

  Auto Change Over Unit
As industry & telecom department is using multi source of supply and use a single suitable supply as their requirement by using change over switch. Increasing or decreasing the AC voltage on input distribution panel the efficiency goes very low about 60 to 65%. Due to this efficiency losses most of raw power goes waste as heat. It is lot of revenue losses to telecom department.
 Auto Phase Selector (APS)
Industries require three phases power to run their machinery. Some of them require continuous \ uninterrupted power to maintain their data. We introduce auto phase selector unit for those equipment whose supply is single phase. The single phase supply is selected automatically from three phases supply.
 Generator Control Unit
INTRODUCTION: - The AMF unit is designed for Observation the Mains supply and control the Generator unit to reduce the Electric power failure condition. It will continue the supply to load either by Mains or by Generator unit (When mains is not available or out of range).
The Communications and power equipment are housed at various locations away from Central office. It becomes mandatory to monitor and control that the system is working satisfactory. Power Automation System is the primary objectives to Energy & Manpower Saving, Reducing maintenance cost, increasing the life of equipment, maintaining operation schedule.

 Servo Voltage Stabilizer


Servo Voltage Stabilizer is designed to provide stable voltage for operation of costly equipment on abnormal incoming mains and varying loads the system is controlled by micro processor to provide stable and continuous correction. There is low and high both type of correction provided.

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