Power Automation System  

The Communications and power equipment are housed at various locations away from Central office. It becomes mandatory to monitor and control that the system is working satisfactory. Power Automation System is the primary objectives to Energy & Manpower Saving, Reducing maintenance cost, increasing the life of equipment, maintaining operation schedule. The PAS unit is designed for Observation the Mains supply and control the Generator unit to reduce the Electric power failure condition. It will continue the supply to load either by Mains or by Generator unit (When mains supply is not available or out of range)


The PAS has the easy operation in any condition Auto/ Manual. In auto mode it monitors the mains condition Normal / Abnormal and then switch ON / OFF the mains on load. In absence of Main supply or abnormality it checks the Generator condition and switch on the generator then monitor the generator supply as Voltage / Frequency and connect the load. Meanwhile if Mains comes the Load will transfer to the Mains immediately & Generator will be running on for 2 minutes on no load to reduce its temperature. It will give alarm on any abnormality or failure condition either in Mains or in Generator.  



  • Diesel Generators
  • Air Conditioners
  • Exchange Batteries, SMPS
  • Telecom Inverters, AVR
  • Smoke & Fire Detection Panel
  • Aviation and Compound
  • Lighting, etc. are monitored and controlled by Power Automation Systems
  Optional Features  
Battery management system monitors all the electrical and chemical parameters of the battery and thereby enhances the life of the batteries
  • Measures the voltage & current of overall battery bank
  • Displays battery voltage at cell level to Indicates faulty cell
  • Visual and audible indication at fault, Alarms can be extended to remote location.
  • Senses the potential free contact of each Rectifier, Inverter & other alarms


PAS has following features –
  • Observation of AC Mains availability.
  • Observation of AC Mains for voltage low & high condition.
  • Protect load from fluctuations in Mains supply.
  • Observation of O/P Voltage of Generator.
  • Observation of Frequency of Generator.
  • Observation of Temperature of generator.
  • Observation of Fuel level available in fuel tank.
  • Suitable Battery charger for charging ignition.
  • Observation of Lube Oil pressure.

Air Conditioners are important to control the room temperature between that set levels for smooth operation of sensitive equipments. It is also necessary to protect air conditioner from over load, for high/low voltages, & continuous operations. AC controller is designed for all these facilities and to optimize the operation of Air Conditioner, resulting in saving of electricity bills.


Sequential operations of Two to Eight ACs Provides the standby facility automatically All electrical protections with alarms and indications



  • Indication for Mains ON & Mains FAIL condition.
  • Indication for load on Generator.
  • Audio alarm for Generator FAILS TO START.
  • AC Volt Meter for Mains & Generator Voltage.
  • Current Meter for Load current.
  • Frequency Meter for Generator O/P.
  • Rotary Switch for Auto / Manual mode.

To mention the necessity of the automatic operation of the DG set for achieving optimum efficiency and long life of equipment. Our Diesel Generator Controller is pre-programmed to start and stop in the absence of AC mains and vice versa, and raises audible alarms for all the electrical parameters abnormality before tripping. PAS unit is supplied as per the KVA capacity of Generator set Specified by the customer.



Its installation is very easy as shown in figure. PAS Unit is supplied with manual and Guideline book.
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