Auto Change Over Unit  

As industry & telecom department is using multi source of supply and use a single suitable supply as their requirement by using change over switch. Increasing or decreasing the AC voltage on input distribution panel the efficiency goes very low about 60 to 65%. Due to this efficiency losses most of raw power goes waste as heat. It is lot of revenue losses to telecom department. When high voltage or low voltage crosses the voltage limit and attached equipment gets faulty, to overcome this type of problem we introduce our product Auto Change Over Unit.

SMPS rectifiers can work between 150V to 275V on single phase & 320 to 480V in three phases. Auto Change Over Unit will by pass the auxiliary supply whenever mains will be available in between the range. If mains will go out of this range, at that time this Auto Change Over Unit will connect with Auxiliary source automatically. By using the Auto Change Over Unit, Auxiliary source will come in picture as less as possible, to over come lot of power loss as well as revenue loss.

LED indication for Normal Voltage, High Voltage and Low Voltage, Auto Change Over Unit ON.

  Product range  

Auto Change Over is available for single & three phase system in current range of

  • 40, 60, 80,100A for single phase &
  • 60, 80,100,130A for three phases system to meet telecom department requirement.

Auto Change Over will be installed across the stabilizer or can be installed as a protection device against high voltage/low voltage at the input side of rectifier.
Installation manual will be provided along with system.

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